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360x3 Multi Sparkplug


ATM Shield
Nano Silica Glass Coating ATM Shield

Amazing long life silicate glass paint!
Antifouling & anticorrosive effect is ensured by ATM shield fat thickness
ATM Shield has 10times large thickness than conventional aerosol spray, no need primer coating by the super bonding effect and protect all material's finishing more than 15years.

All purposes applications:
One time coating only and no more maintenance
No need primer paint and can save money
Excellent antifouling effects, anti-chemicals and heat shocks
● Applicable steel, metal, all kind of plastics, leather, tile, concrete cement,
● It's a human kind inorganic glass coating and applicable on foods trays,
   cooking tools, funitures & instruments.
● 2~30microns precise silica has hard protection on scratches and friction
● No more corrosion & stains and keeping brightness

Patinated(L) copper plate Siding tiles Bricks

Various industrial applications
Vehicles, ships, trains, solar panel, wind powermill, all metals and
wooden furnitures, shinny stones, roofs and siding walls etc.,

ATM Shield outline
Glass paint Thickness Hardness durability
ATM Japan 0.4~0.6μm (wipe up)
8H 5 years 
ATM Smart  5~10μm   8H 15 years 
ATM Armor  30μm  5H 30 years 
*Hardness is examined by JIS standard pencil carbon hardness and not by Mohs hardness

Charactor: VOC free, one(1) or Three(3) liquids type non organic paint
Physical benefit: Water/oil repellency, anti abrasion、transparency、brightness、
non-combustibility, anti-graffiti, anti bill poster
Chemical benefit: Anti air pollution, anti chemical agent, anti rust/corrosion、
Heat resistance: Durable 20hrs on 250C
Strage allowance: 6months since delivery, sealed keeping at less 25C ambient temp.

Prestige Car solution
ATM Japan Nano slica 1layer is more stronger than fluorine 4layers 9H.
Detailing as per instruction manual
almi wheel Tyre wheel glass coating
Body、alloy wheels,lens, headlights by ATM Japan

Marine and Coastal architects
marine anti brine glass coating marine deck glass coating
Hull & Bridge ( ATM Armor) Deck (ATM Smart)

Infrastructuer architect exteriors
ATM Armor for anti corrosion and brine damages
Concete structure Steel bridge Steel bridge
Concrete structure Steel bridge Solor Mill

Amazing Cost Performance
ATM Shield Vs conventional antifouling paint

Save paint materials and labor cost
☆ATM Shield max coverage is abt 10times larger
☆ATM Shield is only 1 time overlap layer as finished.
☆No neccessary Primer coat - save cost and save extra labor

comparison cost/㎡
ATM Armor Conventional paint
Anti rust solution
(Steel or metal )
as necessary
ATM anti rust
as necessary
1st layer
(as non permeation)
20g (30μm) abt. 200g
painting labor light duty heavy duty
dry time abt. half hour abt. 6 hours
2nd layer painting  no need abt. 200g
painting labor  no need 2 layers
double cost
dry time  no need abt. 6 hours 

Save paint cost 1/3-4 times
Save labor cost 1/3-4 times
Drying time saving 30 minutes

For wood works
Never block timber's breathability and enhanced wood preservation & termitic measure
wood deck anti fouling & preservationGlass coating varnish alternation

For water stains, cooking oil, molds protection
Anti water stains solution range food anti mold solution
Water stains oil spot measure mold damages

    ATM Shield feature & application
Color: Transparent
  ATM Japan
One(1) layer enough
Transparent single liquid,Hardness: 8H
Finishing: sponge and wipping cloth
Good for prestige car
Super shiny, repellency tough on water spots & brake dusts

5years durablity
For Body panels, rims,Lens, Headlights & grilles

Toyota black 202 and second grade painting is required
profession coating technics
ATM Smart
Transparent single liquid,Hardness: 8H
Finishing: roller or spray
Floor/Interior application
Heavy walking durablity
Super abrasion & antifouling
Non slip effect even on sliperry granites

15Years durability
For flooring, indoor walls and furnitures
ATM Armor
Antifouling by hydrophilic effect
Transparency 3 liquid mixture type. Hardness: 5H

Finishing: roller or spray
Outdoor application
Self cleaning & self healing effect

30years Weatherability
Infrastructure, architecture and ships, solor power station for avoiding brine damage.

Handling precaution
◎No application for fluorine and tefron coating materials
◎Before painting, to be clean up stains, scales, deposites, smoke tars, molds and any fouling materials
◎Dont use at wet and high level humid location and (Humidity allowance: Max 70%) unless ATM Shield transparency shall be gone and become cloudy.
◎No neccessary any primer paint and you can save large labor cost.
Coating practice: Large size area should be spray coating and small sizes are OK for textured sponge roller and brushes but take care re-coat time allowance is limited.

Note: ATM Japan's vehicle coating works is recommended as first sponge wiping and finished polishing works by wring micro fibre cloth and never for dry cloth .

 ATM Shield application
Model ATM Japan  ATM Smart ATM Armor
Composition  1 liquid 1 liquid   3 liquids  
Feature  Super repellency  repellency  Hydrophllic 
 Color Transparent   Transparent Transparent 
 Standard thickness  0.4~0.6μm  5-10 μm 30μm 
Approx coverage 
(as non permeation)
300sqm/L  50sqm/L  30sqm/Kg 
 Finishing Wipping &
Roller/Spray do 
 Air gun - Nozzle: 0.8-1.3mmФ
Forced drying  - 80℃x 20min  do 
Practical drying time 20℃ x 30min do 
 Complete dry time - 20℃ x 2Hrs  do 
※Wipe up cloth: Must be 3M wiping cloth #5000 equivalent

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