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360x3 Multi Sparkplug


ATM Shield

360x3 Multi Sparkplug
360x3 Multi Sparkplug No.1
360x3 Multi Sparkplug RBII-TYPE D5RIIx2

360x3 Multi Sparkplug ST-TYPE
Victory at the Rocky Mountain Raceways (Utah USA)

TOA 360x3 presents magnum power for Street drivers
0-200meters(1/8miles) Hot-rod Competition with Iridium Racing Sparkplug.
The most important thing should be quick response and sprint power!!

Tested by Car Goods Press
Tested by Daihatsu Copen 0.66L Turbo Charger

TOA 360x3 NGK Iridium Denso Iridium
Power(PS) 55 59 56 56
Time(Sec) 13.1 13.1 13.2 13.2

1) Power: Iridium racing is hardly exerting own power potential in a short range.
2) Time: Iridium racing power could be exerted more than 0-400m(1/4miles).
Considering, short range response time might be worse than conventional sparkplug.
Because usually any racing sparkplugs do not have enough torque at low speed rev.
3) Toa 360x3 concept is enhancement of practical speeding power which can make better fuel mileages and better emissions.

People knows "What`s fun for car driving in a street"
The most important thing should be quick response and sprint power.
Sorry crazy high speed racing specs are absolutely useless and there is nothing fun or benefit for streets drivers

For an enlarged graph, please click on the graph
360x3 Multi Sparkplug graph�@360x3 Multi Sparkplug NO.3

Perfect combustion ensured huge torque and saving energy dramatically
High-level emission control minimizes CO/HC volume
Application: Fit virtually every 4-cycle engines using sparkplugs.

About 360x3 Multi Sparkplug
360x3 Multi Sparkplug`s electrode ensures 2 or 3 electrical dis charges during one ignition as well conventional sparkplugs and the separate discharges are relatively distant from another one.

Every discharge makes jump to any bridge-plate of perimeter as first and jumping 2nd or 3rd of earth terminal for which we are utilized sparkplug housing, instead of a hook terminal.

1) Ignition process and initial phase of burning get better, timing gets shorter and scattering value is lowered about 30%.
2) The speed of burning and heat evolution is stabilized.
3) The scattering of burning pressure value is considerably lowered
4) The emission is lowered about 15% of conventional sparkplug.

It is easy to see that there is no hook terminal on our sparkplug.
From the fact, there are these things which we wouold like to emphasize;
Because the spark almost never discharges from the same part of earth terminal unlike a conventional sparkplugs, our sparkplug is very tough form the hook melt downs and pillar breaks which comes frommetal tiredness.

Remarks for the installation
1) Fasten torque is a standard index and also it should take care of the different torque index at the time of replacement using old gasket.
2) In case of Computer Timing System; Right after the installation, tachometer of your car might be widely jumping for a while. This is caused by the computer, seeking the correct timing of speed. Otherwise please adjust within 3 minutes to slow down
3) In case of 2-stroke engines and wanted to start by kick or recoiling;
Before the installation, the plug bridge plate surface in perimeter (so called the oil coatings) must be washed well with clean petrol liquid.
Please take 5minutes to complete drying prior to do fair installation job.
Many 2-stroke engines already have plenty of carbon contaminant in the combustion cylinder and it is easy to stick on bridge plate surface especially our brand-new plug. If our brand new sparkplug acquired plenty of carbon contaminant, the conducting will be lowered and will not discahrge. So, please take these prodedures seriously and do follow these processes.

Before thinking about how to get better fuel mileages,
as first, you must know how much mpg on your actual driving.

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