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Car AC solution






360x3 Multi Sparkplug



ATM Shield

Ionic air flow can creates Lohas green enviornment !!
Nano tech air flow transformer is AC innovation
hyper air flow transformer dynamic flow

Only fit Dynamic Flow tips and you can enjoy better cooling and super deodorant environment.

Anybody easy finding
1) Speedy deodorant air refresher- Dog & Pet smells bad, smoke and any scent neutlization
Non fragrance alternation, easy put homes or cars aircon louvers on free maintenance and non odor life warranty.
Wanted marketers who is engaging veterinarian,dog shops, kennels, grooming, breeder and animal welfare. 

2) Power up heat exchanging speed - Energy saving
3) Noise less clear sound - Acoustic efficiency
4) Engine intake filter adoption shall be more torque and saving fuel mileages

Remarkable gain
☆Boost up heat exchanging speed and can save your EV battery
DYNAMIC FLOW makes minimized ions from large clustered molecules
Single unit molecule heat exchanging speed and reaction shall be more quicker than large clustered.
Energy efficiency shall be remarkable going up..

Super air purification and long life deodorant
Negative ion makes neutraization with protonated odor ion, size of 1nm-,
thenafer you can simply find out nothing any odor or stinks by your nose sense. We believel human sense is the best finding tool for smell or not. For your reference odor gas particle size is 1nm(0.001micoron) and air polution PM2.5 is 2500nm, biological virus is.less than 100nm. The worlds most efficient Ulpa filter's mesh size is minimum on 0.1micron (100nm) and hardly taking out odor gas. then you can see the Dynamic flow's deodorant is the only one solution for perfect odor removing and air purify solution. recommend to use traditional filter and Dynamic Flow get together.

DYNAMIC FLOW air activation is oriented by our Dynamic ionizer power and you can find same ionization theory by American Purdue UV Ionic wind cooling technology that is based on their advanced electronics alternation. 

Amazing Ion Dynamics!!
Reference of academic articles
Researchers at Purdue University and Intel have developed heat dissipation technology that can boost the performance of chip-cooling systems by up to 250 percent.

Do It Yourself Super Easy Job!!
Nothing any risks for your air conditioning unit.

Dynamic Fow has 2 types
One for Hard plastic mesh type Model DFP514, It is for ionization reinforced high power solution
Another for Soft sticker type Model DFS, It is for popular odor removing DIY solution

Car AC structure
Car AC structure

Stick DFS 1 piece label put on A/C indash louver fin
dfs_indash louver fin

Clip 2 pieces DFP514 mesh on genuine cabin filter at intake side
dfp514_intake side

Resindential Air conditioning indoor unit & Air cleaner application
Adhesive DFS sticker put on AC outlet fin (2-4pcs.)

dfs_AC outlet fin

Adehesive DFS mesh on Air cleaner air intake.
dfs_air cleaner air intake

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Welcome motivated entrepreneur

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